Changes for members during Coronavirus “stay at home” order

As of Monday, March 23, 2020 a mandatory “stay at home” order was issued for the state of Ohio, where ClaimLinx’s main office is located. To help prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus, Governor Mike Dewine has mandated all nonessential businesses close their offices until Monday, April 6, 2020. Claimlinx employees are able to continue working remotely, but we are making some adjustments to our services.

Because we are an Insurance Institution, we are considered an essential business, as outlined in the order. So we will still have some employees going to our office to maintain services. But we are limiting this as much as possible. For that reason, we do anticipate some delays in mailing. 

Mailing is Changing

It’s a priority for us that our clients and members can access their health coverage services, especially during this time. But it’s also a priority for us to protect our employees. So at this time, we expect delays when it comes to mailing out member ID cards and explanations of benefits (EOBs).

When it comes to member ID cards, we will be sending first a digital copy for the member to use. Then we will send a printed version later. If any member would like a copy of his or her member ID, please contact or start a conversation with a team member now using our Live Chat feature.

Because we do not want too many people in our offices at once, we do expect to have some delays when it comes to mailing documents to members. If you have any questions about a claim or would like to receive a copy of your EOB, you can email or start a conversation with a team member now using our Live Chat feature.

Contact and Processing Will Continue

As employees are able to work remotely and take turns going to our office, we are not anticipating any delays in claims processing at this time. We have worked hard in the last two years to make this process mostly digital. So our claims processors are expected to be able to continue without much interruption.

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There will continue to be service team members available if you have questions about coverage, a prior claim or if you need a copy of your member ID. As is always the case, if you are sick or in need of medical attention, please contact your provider first.

We would also like to remind our members that local cases of the virus may be putting a strain on the healthcare system in your area. This may have an affect on your regular care. Please be proactive about checking with your provider about changes to any necessary upcoming appointments.

Your local pharmacy may also be experiencing limited hours or delays in filling regular prescriptions. Please check your stock of any regular prescriptions. Be sure to have them filled as early as possible to avoid any interruptions.

Please also remember that members still have access to the member portal for the remainder of March. That means you can still check on claims or print any important EOBs. Starting April 1, 2020, all members will need to reach out to our team directly to get these documents.

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ClaimLinx will continue to communicate with members via email and through our website. Please look for any updates there. Stay healthy and we hope these interruptions in service for all of us are as short as possible.

5 Steps For Managing Staff as Adults, Not Children

For many managers, overseeing a staff can sometimes feel more like being a parent than an overseer and adviser of adults.

Because of this dysfunctional work relationship, many businesses are unable to realize their full potential as creativity and productivity suffer.

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Parent-type managers make too many decisions for those who work for them. In turn, employees who operate in the child position ask permission for almost any action, especially those that could be controversial or break away from the status quo.

You can break this cycle at your company by taking these steps:

1. Get real with yourself – Determine if psychologically you’re operating as a parent by asking yourself how often your employees ask you to make decisions for them, if you’re constantly trying to change your employee’s behavior or how difficult it is to get straight answers from your staff.

2. Stop calling the shots – Break the pattern of making all the decisions by instead asking your employee what he or she thinks. It will be difficult at first, but eventually staffers will become more confident and stop coming to you.

3. Ask for needs – There are always ways to increase your employee’s productivity and skills. Ask your staff what they would need in order to perform their job better.

4. Go macro – Good managers oversee projects on a macro-level, keeping an eye on the overall goals and objectives. Parents are constantly supervising individual tasks. Treat your employees like adults and let them figure out how to achieve their job goals on their own.

5. Risk Failure – If you’re a control freak when you’re managing, you’re probably acting more as a parent. Adults have to be willing to accept the possibility of failure and then be able to move on to the next project with more knowledge from the last.

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 For more information on managing employees, read the article by K. Palmer Hartl this post summarizes.

Get Healthy and Be Cheery by Celebrating Candy Canes

Whether they’re hanging from tree branches, being used to stir hot cups of cocoa or sprinkled on Christmas cookies – candy canes are everywhere this time of year.

This year, celebrate this winter classic with one of December’s lesser-known holidays National Candy Cane Day on Dec. 26th

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Aside from being a tasty treat with finger-licking, minty appeal, there are a lot of hidden advantages to eating candy canes. That’s because their key ingredient, peppermint, is packed with health benefits. 

Throughout history people have used peppermint to aid all kinds of stomach problems, including nausea, indigestion, heartburn and cramps. It is also often used to ease stress and help cure tension headaches. 

And it is great for soothing a sore throat, cough and stuffy nose, since its main active ingredient is menthol, the same compound used in over-the-counter cold medicines. 

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So this holiday season, chomp down on another candy cane or try one of these delicious recipes – for your health. 

Increase Employee Performance By Building Trust

When it comes to business, it’s all about trust. At least it is for employees. 

Recent study shows 86 percent of employees say they must trust their boss to do well in the workplace. Yet trust in their superiors decreased in the last year for 26 percent of people polled, according to a report by the Interaction Association

Employees that trust their bosses tend to achieve more customer loyalty and retention, profit growth and competitive market positions. 

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Here are five ways to build trust in your organization: 

  1. Ask for input – Especially for decisions that directly affect your employees, ask for their opinions.
  2. Fill in the background – Give staff members the background information concerning why company decisions are made. 
  3. Set for success – Offer your employees the opportunity for additional education and research so they can thrive. 
  4. Admit your mistakes – Be honest with your team about errors; explain what happened, why it happened and move on.  
  5. Don’t shoot the messenger – Do not punish employees for pointing out problems or issues with how operations are running. 

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For more information, check out the infographic and study published by the Interaction Association.  

Top 3 Sources of Stress for Employers and Employees

According to the American Psychological Association, more than 2/3 of Americans say work is a major source of stress in their lives. Both employers and employees need to discover what is triggering this stress and work to find a solution. However, research from Towers Watson reveals that employers and employees have completely different ideas about their top stress triggers.

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Here are the top 3:

#1 Employers – Lack of work-life balance.

#1 Employees – Inadequate staffing.

#2 Employers – Inadequate staffing.

#2 Employees – Low pay or low increases in pay.

#3 Employers – Technology that allows them to be accessible during non-working hours.

#3 Employees – Unclear or conflicting job expectations.

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For a full report on this topic, please read the article here.