Top 3 Sources of Stress for Employers and Employees

According to the American Psychological Association, more than 2/3 of Americans say work is a major source of stress in their lives. Both employers and employees need to discover what is triggering this stress and work to find a solution. However, research from Towers Watson reveals that employers and employees have completely different ideas about their top stress triggers. Here are the top 3:

#1 Employers – Lack of work-life balance.

#1 Employees – Inadequate staffing.

#2 Employers – Inadequate staffing.

#2 Employees – Low pay or low increases in pay.

#3 Employers – Technology that allows them to be accessible during non-working hours.

#3 Employees – Unclear or conflicting job expectations.

For a full report on this topic, please read the article here.

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