Four Workplace Trends of the Future

Lindsey Pollak, a key note speaker, best selling author and consultant on next-generation career and workplace topics, shares what she believes will be four future workplace trends:

1.  Wellness at Work – 90% of employers are now offering wellness programs.  They are taking care of the health of their employees by offering weight loss programs with incentives; smoking cessation programs, and stress reduction programs, to name a few. In order to attract and retain the best employees, wellness programs are a necessity and no longer a luxury for employers.

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2. Degree or not to Degree? – Young people are asking themselves, “Is it really worth it to get a four year college degree?” This stems from the $28-30K student loan debt graduates are carrying. Young people are trying to determine if they can get a good job without a four-year degree, or if they should consider an associates degree, online degree, or community college degree. We may begin to see more incentives from companies to help pay back college loans.

3. iMoms – Although we typically think of millennials as kids, they are quickly reaching the age of 30.  We are now seeing more millennial moms in the workplace, as well as more single moms and younger parents. In fact, 46% are responsible for their kids financially.  A Hartford Survey in 2013 revealed that 10% of millennials have parents relying on them financially.

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4. Design Mind – Although it may sound superficial, this trend is about how everything looks.  Millennials have been marketed to their entire lives. Thanks to Steve Jobs of Apple, millennials are extremely visual and design savvy. They want to be proud of their company’s brand visually, and expect attractive employment & benefits materials, as well as company communications. Milllenials utilize visual social media outlets such as Facebook, Pinterest, Vine, Instagram and Tumblr.  Look for new product designs to appeal to the visual desires of millennials. Companies who embrace and understand this concept will reap big rewards in the future.

To see the short video by Lindsey Pollak in its entirety, please click here.

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