Increase Employee Performance By Building Trust

When it comes to business, it’s all about trust. At least it is for employees. 

Recent study shows 86 percent of employees say they must trust their boss to do well in the workplace. Yet trust in their superiors decreased in the last year for 26 percent of people polled, according to a report by the Interaction Association

Employees that trust their bosses tend to achieve more customer loyalty and retention, profit growth and competitive market positions. 

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Here are five ways to build trust in your organization: 

  1. Ask for input – Especially for decisions that directly affect your employees, ask for their opinions.
  2. Fill in the background – Give staff members the background information concerning why company decisions are made. 
  3. Set for success – Offer your employees the opportunity for additional education and research so they can thrive. 
  4. Admit your mistakes – Be honest with your team about errors; explain what happened, why it happened and move on.  
  5. Don’t shoot the messenger – Do not punish employees for pointing out problems or issues with how operations are running. 

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For more information, check out the infographic and study published by the Interaction Association.  

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