A Health Insurance Cost Control Success Story

“In February 2011, our Company was notified by our health insurance carrier that our group policy premiums would again increase at a rate that we knew was higher than our rate of net profit and higher than the rate of wage increases we could afford to give employees. We were also told to prepare for an even higher rate of increase in the future even if we reduced benefits in the plan design.

Later in 2011, management of our Company met Tom Quigley, representing ClaimLinx. He presented a concept for controlling healthcare costs while providing employees with the same benefits.

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Honestly, we were very skeptical. But, we try to look at and control all of our costs, so we knew we had to consider their concept and perform our due diligence to determine if we should try it.

We found that the concept was in fact workable for us. In early 2012, our group plan carrier informed us our premiums would increase 104%!  We proceeded to implement the concept ClaimLinx presented.

The commitment by our company’s benefit administrators and employees, along with the availability of ClaimLinx personnel to help, has resulted in our Company’s healthcare costs to be maintained close to the 2012 level without sacrificing benefits.

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As we proceed into 2014, we have no guarantee of being able to maintain the cost or benefit levels. What we are comfortable with is that ClaimLinx provides us with our best chance to do both.”

Mike D., VP
Cincinnati Manufacturer

At ClaimLinx, this is just another example of how we save our members and clients money. If you have questions about a claim or need additional information, please email service@claimlinx.com. We would be happy to help.

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